A true partnership for ownership success

Put your jet to work

We know that for your ownership experience to be positive, it has to be financially successful. Most of our owner-partners enroll their jets in our charter program to offset the cost of ownership. Like everything else we do at Silver Air, we focus on maximizing your financial benefits as a businessperson, while balancing your flight needs as an owner.

Key features of our charter program:

What don't we do? We don't do fuel sales, hangar rentals, maintenance, cleaning, or other ancillary profit center services. This allows us to negotiate with vendors for the best quality services for your aircraft at the best prices for you. We keep our focus on what we do best: taking care of our owner-partners.

  • It's a true partnership
    As with aircraft management, your best interests are in line with our best interests. You provide the asset and we provide the resources, network, and expertise to allow it to generate revenue while you're not using it. We're in this together; we succeed when you succeed.

  • Above and beyond aircraft care
    As your partner, we're just as invested in the condition of your aircraft as you are. When we use your jet for a charter flight we treat it as if it were our own, and insist our charter guests do the same.

  • Customized charter plans
    We don't have a one-size-fits-all owner charter program. Each of our owner-partners has different requirements and goals for their aircraft. We work with you to create a customized charter plan to best suit your needs and goals. When your needs change, so does the charter plan.

We're happy to come to you to discuss your ownership needs, or have you visit our corporate office in downtown Santa Barbara, CA.


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